What’s included in Office 365?

For a full list of what apps are enabled on your Office365 account please log into the Office365 Portal https://portal.office.com/ or go to https://www.office.com/apps?home=1&auth=2. This second link has hand “Learn More” links for more information.

As a general rule you get web versions of all the major applications, and desktop clients for Teams, Skype for Business, and Onedrive included (if not already part of your Windows 10).

Word – Word Processor
Excel – Spreadsheet Application
Powerpoint – PresentationsOutlook – Mail & Calendar
OneDrive – Online File Storage
OneNote – Notebook
Sway – Interactive newsletters
Forms – Online Data capture

And more, remember to log into your Office365 Portal to see the full range of apps including Skype for Business and Teams collaboration tools.​

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