Census Aggregator

Whats is the Census Aggregator? #

The Census aggregator is a tool in OSM that allows sections to anonymously request information from parents (and leaders), collate it all and then submit it to the The Scouts.

 The census tool asks members for the following information:

  • Gender  
  • Ethnicity    
  • Disabilities

This information is anonymous and enables us to understand the composition of our membership and provide the most appropriate support. For more info about why we ask about ethnicity and disabilities see the census faqs on The Scouts website.

 The Aggregator tool also collates:

  • How many Top Awards (Chief Scout Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Queen Scout, Duke of Edinburgh, Explorer Belt, Young Leader Belt, Scouts of the World Award) have been awarded in the last 12 months using the section’s badge records. Please ensure these are kept up to date.  
  • The age of each of the members. This is collated using the DOB field in the personal details section of OSM. Please also ensure that this is recorded correctly.

How do I collect data using the Census Aggregator? #

Pre-requisites #

  • A login to OSM  
  • Read and Write access to the personal details section in OSM

Process #

1Log in to OSMhttps://www.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk
2Navigate to the ‘Members’ menu item in the side bar on the left
3 Click the Census Aggregator option 
4You should now see the Census aggregator.
At the top there are two tabs, “Members” and “Aggregated Results“.
The “Members” tab shows members that have not had census data entered for them. Leaders can enter this data manually but as the data is sensitive it is best practice to use the “Send Parent Portal Email” button in the top right.

This will send the parent an email which will allow them to anonymously enter the data via an online form. To send an email to all the members in the list click the checkbox in the top left corner of the table prior to clicking the “Send Parent Portal Email” button.

5N.B. If you do not see some members in the list but don’t remember requesting the data, do not be alarmed. If the data has been requested in previous years (even by a different section), then it is stored in OSM and it does not have to be re-requested. However, it is important that if a member makes you aware of a change in this data or you suspect the data may be out of date e.g. a change of Gender or a new Disability; that you delete the previous census data in their member record. This will allow you to re-send the request to parents for the census information.

How do I submit the data to The Scouts Census portal? #

 For those groups who have opted into the OSM data sharing partnership, from January 2021, a button will be available in OSM to submit your aggregated youth data for the Census. This means that you won’t need to enter the data twice, saving you valuable time!

Pre-requisites #

  • Your Executive Committee must have agreed to the The Scouts Data Sharing Arrangement and the decision minuted. There is more information about the partnership with OSM and the other benefits of opting in here.
  • If you don’t have an appropriate statement in your group’s privacy policy/statement that explains sharing personal data to appropriate individuals in the hierarchy of Scouting then this should be updated. However in most cases this is fairly standard and is the default option on the privacy policy/notice template provided by The Scouts.  
  • If you updated your privacy policy/notice then you should inform data subjects of the privacy policy update by sending them an updated copy or a email notification with a link to have the option of reading the update.

Process #

1First you need to opt in to the Data sharing partnership, which is done via Settings>Section settings>The Scout Pilot Partnership. You must map your section in OSM to the corresponding section as recorded in Compass.
2Once you have opted in, you can return to the Census Aggregator tool and click on the “Aggregated Results” Tab. Provided you have a complete dataset then you are ready to click the “Submit to The Scouts” button. Once pressed, this will transfer the data to the census portal. We recommend logging onto the Census Portal to validate your data has transferred correctly as well as complete the additional questions in the return.

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