MS has a training page dedicated for Teams here:Https://Support.Office.Com/En-Us/Article/Microsoft-Teams-Video-Training-4f108e54-240b-4351-8084-B1089f0d21d7?Ui=En-US&Rs=En-US&Ad=US

Videos #

Collaborate In Teams And Channels

Work With Posts And Messages

Upload And Find Files

Manage Meetings

Manage Your Activity Feed

Getting started with Microsoft Teams aimed at those who have not used Teams before (50 mins):

From chatting and meetings to using teams and channels, users will leave this session with the foundation to use Teams with confidence. https://Youtu.Be/JKnV6H6wbNA

Interactive Tutorial #


The tutorial takes about 20 minutes to work through

Using teams to collaborate remotely #

Microsoft have put together this 15min recorded webinar on working from home when using Teams:


It is not a technical how to use Teams but looks at the practical aspects of working remotely from your “home office” with other remote worker.

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