The Media and Comms Team is responsible for the District’s strategy to develop the use of digital media and technology in the Scout programme and increase the digital presence of Scouting on the internet.

Our Purpose

The Media and Comms Teams purpose is to transform the Scouting experience and engage young people and adults with new and innovative activities through existing and emerging technology. We also exist to help make Scouting easier for volunteers to undertake their roles e.g. Secure email, an online Scout Shop badge shop or provide support with systems such as Compass and Online Scout Manager.

Technology has the potential to transform Scouting and expose new and innovative ways for young people to experience adventure, explore the world in which they live and develop new Skills. A great example of this is Geocaching – a new activity where technology meets traditional Scouting methods.

The team acts as the District’s Press Office and is regularly looking for stories and articles to release to the local media. You all do amazing things every week in Scouting so why not start telling your community what it is you really do? We can help you with:

  • Creating on Brand stories.
  • Branding.
  • Finding local media contacts.
  • Helping you use the media positively to recruit new adults and youth members.
  • Proof reading your stories.
  • Selecting the right images to really sell your story.

Interested in Joining?

Already a volunteer within the District, thats all that is required. In return you will make friends and be able to join with others doing whatever you decide. If you’re enthusiastic about media, technology and/or IT minded and you’d like to be involved in sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge, then look take a look at the opportunities available.